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Busch+Muller LED E-Bikes LUMOTEC IQ-XL lampa przednia

Darmowa dostawa na zamówienia już od 100 zł

Kod produktu: 39238

Dostępność:w magazynie, dostawa 2-5 dni BEZ Allegro
Dostawa od: 0,00 zł
Kod producenta:169U65T2-01
Cena:1 046,00 zł
Opis  169U65T2-01    
Real high beam light for e-bikes

300 Lux in low beam mode. Now that’s a statement made by the new IQ-XL by Busch + Müller. It goes above and beyond all previous light output values by far. The extensive light field is wide, long and homogenous but as with any headlight approved for road use, its light/dark boundary is exact. With a push on the ergonomic handlebar button, all boundaries are gone: With 250 Lux, the high beam light shines even further and higher than ever before. Previously darkened areas are brightly lit and all obstacles can clearly be seen.

Sensor-controlled DRL ensures best visibility. High-grade black powder coating on an aluminium casing as well as a newly designed mounting bracket make the IQ-XL a design headlight for pedelec e-bikes. The handlebar button shines green in low beam and blue in high beam mode. It can be mounted on all handlebars or combined with suitable Magura and Tektro brake levers to save space.

  • IQ-XL
  • 300 Lux
  • Suitable for 11-48 V DC supply
  • High beam headlight
  • Regular mode: 300 Lux
  • Pushing the handlebar button activates 250 Lux high beam light
  • Requires at least 16 W nominal output of the drive system's light connection
  • Part no. : 169U65TS-01
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